Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Will Power of Jennifer Anniston

You never know where your next great dieting tip is going to come from! But I, finder-of-great-secrets, am going to disclose it to you, for free!

It's this, and I read it right out of Vogue, or Elle, or one of those similar magazines, and it was straight from her BFF's mouth - Jen, the woman-wonder, can open a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and eat just one - ONE, a loner, a single-eeee-Do (pronounced 'doe', short for Doe-ritos).

So, with that new-found dieting knowledge, I have been practicing. Yesterday I ate two, because, well, the first one was so amazingly delish that I had to make certain that my taste buds were not speaking with a forked tongue!

And then today... Well, Jen would probably look at me with disdain, but I ate about eight of them. I mean, come on. A tuna sandwich just has to have enough Doritos to cover most of the bites.

So, I might not have the full extent of Jennifer's willpower, but this latest dieting tip has armed me with enough will and power to now munch a little less chips!

Who knows where the next great dieting tip will be discovered! When I find it, I'll pass it on!


Celina & Adam said...

Love it! You are too funny! We'll all be shedding pounds in no time. Thanks for the tip! :)

CJ said...

Huh, and I thought I was doing good on limiting myself to one bag of Doritos in the lunch pack size. What, are there like 12 chips in that bag?? MAYBE??? It took great restraint to not reach for another bag. Sad fact - I don't even LIKE Doritos. No joke. Please pass along any other celeb diet tips you might get.

Lora said...

Wow - just one - wow! So many times I try to get out the chips I want and put the bag away or it's like the open bag is an invitation to continue eating...

beth said...

one chip? naaah! you must have read that wrong! one chip is NOT enjoyable AT ALL! why even start with one if you know ahead of time you're going to stop?
a very cute post!