Friday, September 04, 2009

Have you ever noticed how songs can be like pictures in our scrapbooks? Years ago, when the Lord had us move to a city far away from our hometown (okay, only 87 measly miles; but at that time, it seemed like that was the distance from Hawaii to California!), from our church family, blood family, and alllllllll of my girlfriends, it was not easy.

“I know the plans I have for you,” He said. HE KNEW! We didn’t, and therefore we had to deposit our entire faith into the account of His goodness and Sovereignty (which is the securest 'bank' around!).

During the six years that we lived in that far-away farm town, many Christian songs got me through the lonely and faith-stretching moments.I would write the title and words of those songs onto the blank pages of my journal, so that I would be able to glance back in later years and see the snapshots of Jesus and me, side-by-side. Or, even now, fourteen years later, if I hear one of those songs on the radio, which does happen from time-to-time, I can picture how I felt and recall what my heart’s cry was and how the Lord answered.

Christian songs are faith-builders, encouragers, comforters, booty-kickers, memory-makers, worship-inducers, fun-givers, Godward-thought-provokers!

But wait! Where do songs come from? Yes – your brothers and sisters in Christ. More, though, they are husbands or wives with families, giving up their time, like missionaries, so that they can follow the call to serve. Such is the case for Chris and Joy Lockwood. Joy was a special Guest-Bee on A Pair of Barletts (scroll down to the blog entry Married to a Musician on the Road). If you ever need a shot of encouragement in trusting the Lord, you only need to travel over to that blog and read her honest and intimate note. I have it saved so that I can go back and breathe in her faith's invigorating oxygen.

Chris is in the inspiring and talented group 33 Miles. Have you ever heard them??? They are awesome! Their newest CD – One Life – is the one in my car right now (I won it!!!), and I turn it up as loud as a teenager, ‘cuz I like it!! Everything about this group I’m in love with – the vocals, the words, the music. All of it! Some of their songs remind me of Rascal Flatts, another group I really like! They are that good! Their talent is truly amazing. I can see why God called these three men (families) to this – to bless our hearts' socks off!

Yet, now, when I hear their songs, I picture Joy, Chris, and the little baby they are holding. I remember that it's not just great voices and music that I'm hearing, but I'm getting to listen to the Lord's message to my heart, sent to me via these men who chose to say, "Yes, Lord."

So, now, after reading Joy's inspiring guest blog, in my mind is pasted the picture of her, Chris, and the little one in their arms. And I get to bless them back via prayers for their little family.

Buy their CD and support these musical missionaries! :) Oh, and Joy's angelic voice in on Hosanna!music's Believe CD!


Wife of Rob said...

Hey Liz!

I'm behind on my reading!

What a great post! I have just emailed it to Joy! That was so sweet of you and I'm SO glad that you love your new music! I pray that God will use it to continue to daily draw you into worship with Him! Thank you for spreading the word about 33Miles and about our church's music! We all appreciate very much!

Love and hugs

Aimee said...

Music is so powerful, isn't it? Thanks for this recommendation!

Chris Lockwood said...

Thank you so much for writing about this. It was such an encouragement to me and to Chris to see that God is using us. And, thank you so much for praying for us. We need it and appreciate it soooo much! Praise God for you!!!

Much love!