Saturday, September 12, 2009

From Peanuts to the Pressbox by Eli Gold

Buckle up, because Eli Gold, the voice of Crimson Tide, is going to whisk you away for the ride of his life – and what an adventure it is!

At the age when most boys are climbing up trees and yanking on little girls’ pigtails, Eli was hopping onto the D-train and steering the course toward his future as “one of the busiest and most popular broadcasters on the air today.” If he wasn’t in the stadium cheering or selling peanuts, his trusty transistor radio gave his ear the latest play-by-plays, enabling him to not miss a beat with his heart’s love of sports. It’s rare to see someone so young with such a steadfast determination to reach his dream’s destination. This delightful autobiography shares the whole story!

Hop on board From Peanuts to the Pressbox, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! I sure did!

In fact, though I closed the door to the last pages of his book a few days ago, I’m still smiling. I love traveling to simpler days, when it was still safe for a young boy to skip school and travel alone towards his dream.

Mr. Gold mentions many books by other great sportscasters, and I’ve requested them from libraries all over our county. Soon, I will be zooming around on many more adventures, and all without having to pay for gas or packing a suitcase!

Books are wonderful!
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Wife of Rob said...

OH LIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this post! All I can say is ROLL TIDE ROLL! I'm in "Bama" country over here on this side of the US. Thank you for getting the word out about Eli! He has been in my home for many many years for many many football games! No one can surpass good ol' Eli!