Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tools Are Our Friends! :)

On our trip to Cambria, Superman and I flew into
this favorite quaint store of mine (you didn't think
I was going to say "HIS" favorite store did you?).
He hates shopping as much as I loathe... as I loathe...
hmmmmm... right now I don't loathe anything, but as soon
as I do, you'll be the first to know! Anyhoo, without the use of a gun or anything, he freely walked into this little kitchen shop with me and SHOPPED! No rolling of his eyes, no foot thumping impatiently, no arm crossing, and best of all, no uttered words like "Are you almost done?" This is bonding at its best! (Well, besides that 'other' great thing married couples get bonded with). (Gosh, this is sounding too familiar. Did I already tell you all this in another blog? Where, oh, where has my little memory gone?!)

Both of us found items that we just had to take home with us. Me, I found that handy little tool in the above pic! I tossed the package, so do not even know what it's called. How helpful is that?! But, that little scooper works! Specifically, I bought it to use on my scrumptious homegrown butternut squash. A dull-ended spoon wasn't cutting it (hahaha, the pun was completely a surprise!). This dandy newbie in my kitchen cut like butter, turning a dreaded job into a piece of cake - and I looove cake! Oh, and my birthday is coming up, and when my mom was alive she always made me carrot cake with tons of sugar and oil and nuts and cream cheese frosting and pineapple chunklets and yum! I digress.... but wasn't that a sweet distraction?

So, I highly recommend that if you see one of these, get it for your kitchen's toolbox, commonly called A DRAWER! :)

Never think that screwdrivers and kitchen gadgets are the only tools around. Oh, no! Just look at these favorite tools of mine...

Cups are VERY handy tools for holding coffees and teas! One for Scrabble, where I whoop my friend every time (okay, not EVERY time), John Deere for when I ride my tractor (phyche), candy corns and checks and dots for an October treat, acorns and plaid for all the months of fall. Gotta have them!

And look at these cozy circlets of tea! No longer do they have the strings to tangle with, you just drop these tea bags into your awaiting hot water and their embrace births something delish to warm your tummy! By the way, pumpkin coffee and pumpkin ginger tea are delightful! (Oh, and if you live by a World Market, get a coffee card and on Wednesdays they stamp it two times instead of one. Yay!)

And last, but not even close to being least, are my beloved books - tools that aid in my Bible learning. On this shelf (with two missing that I used last night) are the majority of my favorite commentaries, my extra devotionals (Streams in the Desert and the rest in her series are my all-time favs), and my encouraging authors. I'm overdone when it comes to books, and I have a shelf-lined closet to prove it. It needs a major overhaul right now, so no pictures of that! :)

I'm pretty sure you can click on the picture and it will be big enough for you to actually read some of the titles. Matthew Henry and I have been BFFs forever! Jon Courson's commentaries are new to the shelf, so still uncertain if they are worthy of its space. The African commentary is just sweet...and encouraging in my walk. Wiersbe gives me tons of much-needed info and insight, so I am 'in' to him. And Spurgeon... who can walk through the Psalms without his Treasury of words?

There ya have it, tools are our friends!!!


Mummy McTavish said...

This is a post just for me!!!

I love looking through all the gadgets in kitchen shops!

We have more mugs than we can handle but which ones do you get rid of??? They all have different uses!

Books... working in a bookshop for a combined 20 years has been neither good for our pocket nor our house. We had planks fixed to the garage wall to fit more books in and we STILL have boxes of books that just don't fit. Yet, we still buy more... it's an addiction!

Lora said...

Kitchen gadgets are so much fun! I have a dear sister-in-law who finds neat gadgets like you have.