Thursday, September 03, 2009

Good Morning!!!

I am as happy as a lark this morning (even though I don't feel very good...a cold coming on, maybe?)because you chimed in with fall's love with me! Thank you! It was fun, and settled in my heart a yumminess like an autumn morning's crispness. So delish!!!

And, the giveaway goes to .... drum roooolllllll.... QUEEN TO MY 3 BOYS!!!!! Thank you for playing along with me and helping me celebrate fall and my 200th blog entry! Your comment still has me laughing in its originality! Please send me an address at this email:, and I will get that Starbuck's fall fun sent right to your waiting palate!

Part of my celebration yesterday included putting this, one of my fall favs, out on my desk....

It's a pumpkin scripture card holder! I also have an acorn one, but that's for another entry, that will get me to the goal of my 300th blog entry!


Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Thanks so much!

Nothing like a good coffee to brighten my day.

I'll email you.

Lora said...

Congratulations Queen to my 3 Boys! Your pumpkin holder is cute. I look forward to seeing the acorn too.