Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Sewing Party of One!!!

Happy Saturday!

I would love to sit and chat and upload a zillion pictures, but I am one busy gal in the sewing room! My little mini goal is to use up my drawers and drawers of scrap fabrics. There are sooooo many! If a total depression hits, I will stay out of utter despair by sewing, cuz I bet I have enough scraps to last me 2 years!!!

The downside is this: my fabs are not the updated milk-chocolate browns or gun-metal greys that I yearn after. No birds or owls to fly about on my quilts. Instead, it's old-fashioned (though I do love these colors, still) primary-colored polka dots and such.

However, I am thankful to have fabric to sew into incubator quilts for preemies. All summer, my plan is to use the fabs on hand and make as many of those 32" x 32" quilts that I can, using what has already been paid for. I'ts a labor of love and frugality.

One day, I will have used up every last inch of fabric in my stash, and then, oh then.....


Anonymous said...

What a great idea - I want to do the same with my leftovers. Are you making blocks are just sewing bits together? What do you use on the back? Do you think any children's hospital will take them? Do you need to wash them before you donate them? So many questions - again thanks for the great ideas.

an encourager said...

Hi! I posted the above picture just for you! Though they aren't cute, they will be perfect for keeping the incubators warm and toasty for preemies. I just sew together whatever will fit. After these two, I am hoping to get a little bit more of a cute pattern going in the future. I do wash them before handing them in to the hospitals; they require it. Have fun! Send any questions and pics of your creations!