Friday, June 05, 2009

Do You See What I See?


Already, I have picked two luscious green zuchinni. For last night's addition to chicken, I sliced them both thin, tossed them around in a saucepan with spices and a can of tomato sauce, topped them with cheddar, and easy-peasy-yummy.

The yellow crooked-neck is still growing, but they are my favorites, so it will be worth the wait.

And the tomatoes? The ones in this picture have already turned bright red and were picked and popped in my mouth. I grab them on my way to the pool, washing them as I swim! A great swimming snack!

But, anyhoo, I got online to tell you that I am still thinking about disciplining ourselves for godliness. Just this morning, I thought, "hmmmmm.... what can I do for this?" Then it came to me -- I will take a different name of God each day, focusing on His character.

For instance, today, thinking about my darling garden, I thought of how creative our Creator is. So, Name for the day? Creator. Today I will concentrate on much thanks, as I think it will be a natural outflow as I pay attention to all He created for our enjoyment and His purposes and glory. Like, right now, just from my window, I see roses in bloom -- many colors and fragrances - all unique, like us! And then, just looking at the pictures above - isn't it neat that He created food for us from plants - and they even give us a floral bouquet before the fruit comes!!! Thank You, Lord!

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