Monday, May 04, 2009

Oh, Yeah, Baaaaby!!!!

I have a tradition. Wanna hear about it? I know you do because we all love the stabilizing, security-giving feeling of traditions. So, here it is (picture on the above):

Every year as soon as the pool is tolerable, in I go - backwards! Sometimes I can talk my friend Emily into doing it with me, but she's not gung-ho about it.

Not yet figuring out how to do a back dive and take my own picture, I had to use this one from a few Julys ago. Oh, well.

Remember: it's easier to dive into things when we can see straight ahead of us, but sometimes we must get brave and take the plunge when we can't!

Yipppppeeeee! I did it and summer is coming!!!!!!


Lift Up Your Hearts said...

I love you and your back-diving ways, and can't wait to come over for my own back dive of the season!

an encourager said...

I can't wait for you and the troop to come over and frolick! You will be so proud of yourself after you do it!

Natalie said...

hooray for backdiving! Its a thrill! I love it!