Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Really, I cannot figure out what made Mary quite contrary. My garden grows, and I am happy as the Queen of Hearts, who sits upon her regal throne, so laden with diamonds that she cannot move an inch, but cares not, because she is a sparkling beauty with servants to meet her every need and feed brilliant green spinach to her on a golden fork. But Mary? There must have been no bounty of diamonds in her garden...or spinach servers!

Anyhoo, you know how in the summertime your tastebuds cry out for the real McCoy - a red, luscious, juicy, sweet, fresh tomato, and not the gassed, watermelon-colored fake-outs the market tries to pass off as tomatoes? Well, for me, it's the exact same with spinach. There is no comparison between the produce-aisle's Popeye treat and what I pluck from my garden!

It's pretty much too late to plant it now, but in September, you can plant a crop. I will try to remind you and you will see what I mean.

From plot....
To pot....YUUUUUM!

P. S. When picking your spinach, do not yank out the whole plant. Oh, no. Instead, like you do lettuce, just take off the leaves....and watch them grow back, again and again (till the heat hits and kills them off).

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