Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lose & Tone!!!!

I don't know who this jumping guy is, but I would jump like that if I could. My feet would probably not get two inches off the ground if I tried, so this pic is perfect!

My thoughts have been drifting to life after the Marathon....

Well, let me back up... they are, right now, on the dreaded Marathon, with my toe that hurts if even the sheets touch it, yet alone my walking/crawling (yea, I said it!) shoes, with the mirrors in this hotel's fitness room that show me the real reason I will probably end up crawling this Marathon - fat and flabby. (Yes, I know that 'fat' is an ugly word to say to oneself, but it is what it is, so no use sugar-coating it with such adjectives as 'fluffy'.)

The thing is: Why didn't I see myself in these mirrrors months ago when I had the chance to lose weight? Aw, who am I kiddding? It wouldn't have made one single difference. So.... my moment of deep regret is over. I am beginning to think of life after the Marathon....Uh, if I live through it. Remember, the very first guy ever to run a marathon died after he got to his destination and delivered his message to the king. I'm hoping not to follow his example.
But, why I like jumping for joy as the unknown boy in the picture -- is because I do not have to stay F and F... or Fluffy!

No, sireeeeeee. So, after the marathon, summer plans for me are LOSE & TONE! Not in gym (unless I want). Not with a diet. (And, dang, I did not get toned during all those miles and months of walking. Which is wierd. I promise you I did not eat more (or less) during those months. It boggles my mind that i could walk 15 - 30 miles a week and remain looking the exact same as when I began. Perhaps it's just my age. Or, this just hit me.... I was too tired after walking to lift any weights. I think that is it!!!!! Eureka!)

So, no diet, no dogmatic regimine. Doesn't that sound more fun and doable than "Oh, I've got to loose 500 pounds by the end of the month"? I'm actually excited about this (almost jumping for joy).

In the summertime, it's so much easier to drink water, swim in water, ride a bike, walk to the mailbox. Little things add up... or in this case, down!

Like, here's a really fun thing.... I like to ride my bike around the block (it's not big) and get all nice and toasty, then pick up my mail, pedal home, and jump in the pool. Nothing makes you wanna take a cool dip like working up a little heat. Then, heck, while I'm in the pool, I'll swim up and back. Maybe up and back again. Lifting myself out of the shallow end (which works arms...wonder if I can still do it?), I then trot to the deep end, dive in, swim to the steps, get out, do a loop-de-loo off the diving board (something fun, not fancy), dog paddle to the shallow end, walk up the steps, lope on back down to the deep end, jump off the board, let my feet hit the bottom, spring up, make a splash so that i can look up and see all the sparkling diamond-ettes of water fall upon my head, get out, begin again, making up fun things to keep me active, till, dang, don't you know a little time has gone by and my toning is done! Get it? Exercising in the summer can be fun (though this can get you huffing and puffing, so don't be fooled into thinking that this fun is not gonna work)!
Then, this morning, I read this article on belly fat. It got me craving spinach and avocado and chicken and such. And, then, it just seemed so doable. Sometimes I think that dieting doesn't work. Living does! Enjoying life does! The only one time in my life I lost weight and kept it off for years, was when I just did all the above, and didn't diet or record or whine or feel deprived. I just enjoyed... and my constant thoughts of food and diets disapeared...and so did the weight and inches. Diets can trap us, I think.
So, my summer's plan is to lose & tone... the fun, natural, moderate way! Join me!!! You can send me updates all summer on how much fun you're having, how good you feel, and what you love about this new plan! And I will respond with lots of clapping for you!!! FUN!!!
Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. –Anonymous Let's!!! :)


Lift Up Your Hearts said...

You go girl!!

Martina said...

Yes I think we can do that. Thanks for sharing and love to join you in this way of living.
Have a great and blessed day

an encourager said...

Hooray, Martina! Welcome! Truly, with a little tweaking on our rusty dieting mentality, I know we can jump into summer with a fresh, vibrant, new beginning. I'm excited for us! :)