Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lemons are useful for many things...

Lemons are handy for so many things... Laughter, included. 

Okay, see this cake? (YES, IT'S A CAKE!) lol

This was last night's dessert for our Bible study home group. 

While my son and his girlfriend sat with their Subway footlongs, I stood across the counter and got busy frosting the three layers with a new lemon frosting recipe from the net. I should have known... 

When that top layer caved in under the other two faulty layers (frosting was too runny to be of any use as caulking) we busted up! Immediately, my son grabbed his cellie, snapped the shot, and sent that cake into cyberspace, labeling it: 
Fault Line Cake.

Then, when my BFF got off work and we were having our daily afternoon chat, I told her all about it and emailed the pic to her. Since it was for Bible study, we laughed our heads off as we tried to spiritualize it... and I am going to spare you the crazy ideas we came up with. However, my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. (Don't you love when that happens???!)
And then, the creme de la creme was when our very sweet and kind leader's wife walked in later that night and said, "Ohhhh, that's beautiful!"

BAhahahahahhaahhaaaaaaa...Laughter erupted, and I stepped back in case her growing nose knocked me over! (Some lucky folks are just born nice! I like that!)

So funny!

Everyone ate seconds, which just goes to show ya that it's what on the inside that counts! :)

Also, to save money and brighten the counter, this was my centerpiece.... 

So many uses for lemons!  Eat one for medicinal purposes today, because they'll make you laugh, and laughter is good medicine! I think the writer of Proverbs 17:22 had a chuckle or two over them in his time!  :)


Aliene said...

I love the lemon flower arrangement.
I would have never thought of that.
Laughter is good. Especially when you don't really know what is so funny. Have a blessed week-end.

Barbara said...

Yes I love lemon any thing, your cake looked good to me, was it over ice cream, hugs and hope you have a very blessed weekend, Barbara

Celina Abel said...

I want a piece of that cake!!! Love that you served it anyway!!! You are creative & wonderful!! Miss you dear friend!!