Tuesday, March 01, 2011

March...ing On! :)

It's here --- a new month! No sense muttering about how fast time has gone, because it is always going to be like this.

So, let's frolic in sunshine (or snow, depending on where you live) and look forward to the first day of Spring!!

Here's the calendar page for March, just in case you are printing it and taping it to the fridge...

Yesterday was warm enough to do some outdoor painting, and that's what I did. The pool house is a fresher-looking butter-yellow now, and the picket fence glistens like just-bleached-teeth! It took hours and hours...and hours!... but it's one more thing to check off the get-the-yard-spruced-up-for-the-wedding list.

It's coming sooooooon!!!!

1 comment:

Aliene said...

Yep! Spring is here, hopefully! I have been trans planting and
re~potting some of my plants. I want to get a paint brush, too.
Really makes you feel good to get one thing on your list done.