Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Biscuits and Gravy

Superman and I had a hankering the other morning. So, I fried up Jimmy Dean's favorite meat, added six tablespoons of flour, stirred it up, added 1 quart milk, lots of fresh black pepper, and stirred till it was getting thick. 

Now, before I show you the next photo, keep in mind that I did not let the gravy get as thick as we normally love it -- because it tasted sooo good I was unwilling to wait! Ever done that??? Nevermind. I just can't show the picture. It looks too unappetizing, and if I put it on this blog, you might not ever return or try my recipes again. 

So... moving on!

Next, and very important - the bed for the gravy = BISCUITS!

I've tried many (many!) biscuit recipes. From new cookbooks, old ones, friends' recipes, granny's recipes, school recipes, and all sorts of internet recipes. But... The very best are from plain ol' Bisquick -- and there's a trick to this, which I just discovered months ago from a friend.

The trick is this, and if you don't read all the instructions (and who does?), you might miss it -- 
You have to knead 
the dough ten times!

 Ignoring this 25-second process is craziness. Why? Because we want fluffy, inviting biscuits (especially if your gravy is not the prettiest). Are we willing to settle for flat biscuits when we can have these?...

Pretty, yes? Tasted awesome, too - with gravy OR butter and homemade strawberry jam! (Gasp! No homemade jam? Start collecting your berries now. 'Tis the season!)

Anyhoo, that was our breakfast on Saturday, and Sunday, and Monday. (Kinda like Lay's potato chips - can't just have one!!!)

Bon Apetit!

He who gathers crops in summer is a wise...
Proverbs 10:5a


Barbara said...

looks mighty good to me, I make biscuits and gravy often, and my dear husband loves them, I usually make my own, but may try the bisquick recipe and see how he likes them. Hugs and this made me hungry, Barbara

nanasknoll said...

These look yummy.
I make my own Bisquick from a recipe. Could you send me the recipe that is on the box. I fix biscuits and gravy all the time, but from scratch. Would like the easier method of Bisquick-even with the knead 10 times.