Friday, March 18, 2011

Got AVON? :)

(that's me!)

 Surprises are around every corner! Finding myself actually sitting at my girlfriend's table with her Avon Unit Leader, listening to them talk, it surprised me that I signed up then and there to become an Avon representative. But I'm glad I did, because Avon is for everyone!
     Pulling from my email list, I sent a Grand Opening email to several friends and family members. My oldest son wrote back (and I adjusted the grammar for this blog, because you know how fast and careless we get to be in emails),  "Is this for reals??  If it is, it is perfect!!  The cologne I wear is from Avon, and both my bottles from five years ago are almost empty; I need to get refills, yo!!!!"
     Noah is a very funny guy, and I thought this was a fun response. Another surprise, because I had no clue he used Avon. I got another very sweet story in a response, but I have to ask her if it's okay to use it on this blog. So, that's for another day, perhaps.  :)
    Anyhoo, Avon even has shoes; I didn't know that till I got the brochures! Did you know that? So many surprises, and there's something for everyone - even stuffed toys for little ones. Oh my!

   Not wanting to use this blog for selling Avon, I will eventually create a new one, but for now... I'd love to sell you any of Avon's wonderful products!  :)

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Barbara said...

Yeah I got Avon, and I really like it, I have a whole basket a friend sent me for Christmas last year, filled with every thing imaginable, love it, have a good day, and hope you sell lots it is a good product, Hugs Barbara