Thursday, February 03, 2011

A Handy-Dandy Day!

Bloggerinas, I forgot all about the little calendars I put together for some of my friends at Christmas, but I shall forget no more, because YOU are my friends, the reason I sit here click-clacking away at the keyboard - to encourage you, help you, and cheer you on in your day and with the Lord...

So, here is a little gift from moi to yoi

Mine sits on my desk in a clear acrylic easel that I purchased with last year's Susan Branch calendar. Michaels has them for 2.99 (or less if you use their 40% off coupon). Some of my friends have taped them to their fridge. It's yours to do whatever you want! Just click on the picture, copy it, and then make it whatever size you want. My February calendar is @ 5.18 x 7.25.

Okay, next. Who knew that Bounce fabric softener sheets for the dryer (just in case you didn't know what Bounce was... lol) has a gazillion handy-dandy uses???  ---- Old Farmhouse Homemaker, that's who. She knew. She shared. We benefit! Yahoo.. See, I told you bloggerinas are the kindest people in the world! 

Have a fun handy-dandy day! Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might (Ecclesiastes 9:10a).


Barbara said...

So nice, thank you my friend. I will use it for sure, hugs Barbara

Aliene said...

Such a cute calendar. I need to copy it and print it out. Thanks. Now i am heading to Old Farmhouse homemaker!
Have a blessed day.