Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Squeezing For Joy! :)

Two months are going to spin by; I know because the past 10 have disappeared quicker than a blink. Amy got engaged a year ago, and we thought that time was definitely on our side. But, here we are... two months to go before she and Tom will become one.

Yesterday I went and bought two little black dresses. Fun ones! Can't wait to dance in one of them...  :)

But, till then....

Lemons from our tree have been squished into submission, surrendering their precious juice for homemade lemonade for the wedding.

 (Had to show you this picture from my friend's daughter's wedding, because it is soooo fabulous!)

Boxes and bags of tablecloths, toppers, napkins, candy (for the candy bar), etc, are filling up the corner of my computer room, reminding me to pray for that happy couple and their lifetime together.

Such joy!!!!  :)


Judy C said...

I am doing the same, my daughter will be married in Sept. we are in the process of trying to find centerpieces for the tables. what fun! Love the pics from your friends wedding.

With This Ring Wedding said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I am a wedding planner and my friend sent me this link as she knew it would inspire me for my future couples.

Jill said...

That apple platform in the picture looks INCREDIBLE!!! I forwarded this link on to a friend who is a wedding coordinator :)

Kim said...

how fun!!! I am sure it will be a wonderful day of celebrating!