Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Changing Seasons...

It wasn't more than five days ago that I was freezing my buns off. The cushy rocker from the 50s got dragged into the living room, and I just plopped down there next to the cozy 'fire' and spent hours with Jesus.

Sometimes we just have to be still.

But yesterday... the sun was beaming its best smile on me, and I donned the headphones and helmet and rode my old 1963 Schwinn Tiger for 50 minutes. (I snapped a picture on my cell of the first tree flower of spring, but can't figure how to upload it.)

Sometimes we just have to not be still.  :)

I like both! What gets you to not being still?


Dot said...

Well, not being buried in snow and single-digit temps helps! I love to get out and work in the garden, digging and growing and tending God's creation. I love taking care of my chickens, and my flowers...feeding my family and feeding my soul while I listen to what my Daddy has to tell me!

Barbara said...

God created winter so as we had nothing more to do than to sit by a fire and read his word, amen, very smart Father we have, hugs