Thursday, October 07, 2010

No-Sew Cute!

Traipsing across the vast Bloglands, I came across some very cute, no-sewing-involved pumpkins
(I got this idea from crazydomestic  and you can GO right HERE and see her very simple pictures and instructions.)

Oh... and the originator of these little darlings is from a daaarrrrlinnnng blog:

They took me 10 minutes to make!

& they are completely recyclable!!! 
(I used fabric that will be used in next year's fall projects)

See? ... 

 As you can see, the weather was perfect for an autumn bike ride. So, I was sewing my November 1st project, wondering where I was going to get the twigs for my pumpkins. Right about then, I felt prompted by the Lord to go on my bike ride...

"Now? When I'm in the middle of this project?"

But, I arose and took off. Right around the corner from my house was this -- trees, trees, and more trees, just freshly pruned and ample for picking!

"Thank You, Lord! You care about everything! You even know the numbers of my hairs, which tells me that you are not only all-knowing, but also all-caring about every detail of our lives! Thank You, our Father!"


Celina Abel said...

OMG!! I love love love it!! Ohh & I love you ! <3

Staci said...

Love your Fig Tree fabric Pumpkins! And the polka dot bow is just perfect!

joeysgirl said...

sooooo cute! You know I want you to make me one.....dont you???

Anonymous said...

toooo cute! I want one!!!!

joeysgirl said...

Way toooo cute. You know I want one.....dont you???