Friday, October 08, 2010

Go Go Giveaway... Go Go!

(Hurry HERE for the fall giveaway!)
You will not want to miss this fun!!!

New must-haves abound!

This morning, right after reading my Bible, I plopped in front of the computer and began visiting new blogs. But time was a'wastin', so I told myself, 
"One more blog and then... hit the gym!"

Boy, am I glad I allowed myself that one bitty more blog.
  I think you will be really glad my slothful side played a wee bit longer at the keyboard, too, because YOU and ME and LOTS OF OTHERS have a chance to win this latest quilting must-have (okay, not must have, but surely-would-love-to-have)!

AccuQuilt Go

For your chance to win one of these dreams, go to Alderwood Quilts. Go!

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