Saturday, October 30, 2010

Early Merriment

I admit it - I collapsed under curiosity!
Williams-Sonoma sends me emails, 
and I allow them to flood my box because looking at their fabulous pictures inspires me. 
I can't usually afford their enticing products,
but I can mimic their table-setting ideas with items I already have in my home. 
Those emails are tasty treats, like mini decorating magazines! 
Delish to the brain!

So when their email came this morning,
I couldn't resist taking a very early peek at their CHRISTMAS selection. 
My son Noah's favorite holiday song when he was a kid was the Twelve Days of Christmas, so naturally, I liked looking at these plates. 
That's it. 
Back to their THANKSGIVING BOOKLET that has lots of tips, recipes, and techniques for THE BIG FEAST!

1 comment:

Judy C said...

Beautiful dishes, I improvise by checking these out too! I have a grandson named Noah, can't wait till he is old enough to sing Christmas Carols with me.