Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Blogging We Have Gone

Hasn't it been fun 
(this fall giveaway extravaganza, I mean  ~HERE)?

I have felt like a contented frog, leaping from one blog giveaway to the other! So many wonderful blogs have been discovered along the way. 

How will I ever keep up

24hours just isn't enough time to visit and ooogle! When would I sew? or read? or ride my bike? or golf? or cook? or go to Bible study? or HOMEMAKE? 


How do you do it???


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Anita Kehn said...

I treat blogging like a treat so my time for blogging is very limited. My husband, and my Jesus come first without a doubt. I never want to forget that. I enter very few giveaways because they take too much time ~ you have to leave a comment here and here and here ~ you know what I mean? And I've never won anything yet so feel my time is better spent doing something else. I love to do lots of crafting because I do craft shows and Farmer's Market and if I spend too much time blogging then I don't have time for my crafting. My opinion is that too many are obsessed with blogging and neglecting the more important things.