Sunday, August 22, 2010

Love That Library!

I love books!

Always have.

Always will!!!

But... these days, you have to own Fort Knox (and actually have it filled with gold bars) to be able to afford to buy any beloved books.

Thus, the library is the place for me!

While sitting in the swirling chair at my computer, even in my pjs, I request books that I see on Amazon, or that friends tell me about, or from magazine reviews. My doctor recommended a series of a "fun read" and our main library had every single one of them... which I loaded into my arms and lugged home. 

Twice now, I have had enough e-gift cards, which I earned from, to buy two books for only shipping costs. That was $45 dollars which did not come out of my pocket! Yay for that!!! (See what I mean? Two books, with a whopping cost of almost half of one hundred dollars! Fort Knox, I'm telling ya!)

Anyhoo, I purchased this Christmas book so that I can have my dad read it to me for the rest of my life, and when I die, my kids can hear their grandpa over and over. Coooool! (But not cheap!)

And this is all I have time for; my stacks of library books are waiting to be read!  :)

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