Monday, August 02, 2010

A Girly Girl!

Age doesn't matter! 

This girl is going to call herself a girl till I've gone to heaven and my eyes fall on my beloved Jesus' face!

Aprons with ruffles help a woman feel like a girl... that can twirl... and put on dangly, sparkly earrings.... and... and, OH!... it just makes cooking dinner such a delightful occasion!!!

This apron is so cute & fun & ooooLLaLLaLLaaaaaa, and Superman comments every time I wear it (I'm dying if I'm lying lol). What girl could help but tie it on when a husband, whose majority of vocabulary got left on Krypton, actually utters the words she longs to hear - "CUTE."  (He might be talking about the apron, but I am reallly thinking he is talking the whole package, living apron stand (moi) and all!

If I ever find fab as awesome as this apron's, I might make them and sell them, so that the whole world of women (WWW) can twirl and swirl and find joy in being a girl!

A wise girl builds her house...!


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

ADORABLE!!! So, you think it will change my attitude when I am making a meal for my picky kids??? It just may be the miracle I am looking for!! ;0)

Mrs. NB

an encourager said...

Weeellll... at least you'd have some twirly fun to override the moans and groans of kids; we gotta do what we can to snatch every snippet of delight. (My kids were very picky, so I know what that's like.)

Pokey said...

I agree, very cute!

Smilie girl said...

Yep, super cute and twirly!