Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Best Part of Waking Up....

My default setting for arising early is called Superman. Since he has to arise and shine for work five days a week, there is no option for me but to groan and moan and slide out of our nice, cozy, comfy, scrumptious bed. I mean, the least I can do is fix that hard-working man a sumptuous breakfast (or at least place a bowl and spoon on the counter for his cereal).

Superman will often greet me with, "Good morning, Sunshine." But sun-shiny is not how I feel. I mumble back something incomprehenDible, and then pour the water in the coffeemaker. 

Must. Have. Coffee.

Really, I'm coming to the conclusion that I am a BRUNCH girl.

This morning, though, is Saturday!!!!  Yay!perhaps with a different husband ... I might get to be that brunch girl and stretch out of bed around 10ish... but, on summer weekends, Superman still arises early to beat the heat on his bike ride...

I can't win.

So, I join him. While making him a Spanish omelet, I decided to make me a verrrrrry healthy one, too. So, here goes....

~ roasted tomatoes and garlic

~ lightly sauteed (in extra virgin olive oil) green onions

~ one egg, three egg whites (dog gets the extra yolks; it's good for her coat... makes it shine like the sun) and lots of seasonings (a must with egg whites)

~ stir up the eggs as if scrambling them (makes a fluffy omelet), but stop before they clump together (in this picture below, I still had more stirring to do; the eggs need to be less runny than that); turn heat off

~ a little grated Parmesan... mmmmmmmmmmm

~ sprinkle on top
~ top half with two roasted garlic cloves and some of the tomatoes

~ fold over and top with more, if you dare, cuz they arrrre tangy; sprinkle with a bit of parsley ...and more cheese if you phleese

~ cover
... in the meantime, while eggs finish cooking ...

~ slice fruit and avocado and enjoy!
~ don't throw these scraps away yet! scrape off that extra avocado and slather it onto your face while you clean the breakfast mess, then later, wash it off, and voila - enjoy a sunshiny glow all's the vitamin A ya know!

~~~~~You are now ready to greet the day~~~~~~

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