Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mama Mia! Mama Mia!!

Whether you say it in French or in English, it still comes out the same... or, hey, even in Italian  -- YUMMY!

Yard work has its arms crossed over its chest, one foot impatiently beating a quick tempo, but I refuse to be intimidated! 

Cook I must!

The plethora of juicy red tomatoes are begging me to play with them!

So, first...

Do you know how to easily peel a tomato? It's simple: Take the edge of your knife and carefully, but firmly, rub it all the way over the outer skin. 

Then, slice a bit off the edge, and peel away. (Tomatoes really are thin-skinned, so talk nicely to them as you gently pull it away from the bulk of the tomato.) You can also dip them in boiling water for a few seconds, then submerse them in ice-cold water, but sacré bleu!... too much work, too many pots to wash. 

So, craving Hillbilly Spaghetti (hitherto, HS), I decided to make a lighter version, using my own darling 'maters and slow-growing green onions. Yipppeeee! Jillian say that to be a "locavore", all you have to do is eat local food. And she's not talking the McDonald's just down the street! No, she is cheering for the local farmers. I'm all for them!  :)  However, Superman makes our backyard a VERY local farm, so hip hip hooooray!!! 

And, no... LOL... using my own garden's veggies does not make a recipe lighter (tho it sure does seem like it!!!), but in the case of the HS, I did not add the ground beef/turkey, the Italian sausage, and I replaced 1% milk for the heavy cream. Oh, and in place of the8-oz. thin spaghetti i used 4-oz whole wheat rotini ('cuz i had that at home). Next time, though, I will use 8-oz of the rotini. I just wasn't sure if the sturdier wheat pasta would suck up all the liquid... it doesn't. Hence, I had to add un-called-for Italian seasoned tomato paste.

Just used lots of cheese!  grin, grin, GRiN!

Anyhoo, just look how yummy! I had sooooo much fun today. Of course, my new brown-n-beige and yellow and orange apron added to the festive kitchen afternoon gala!! ooolaaaaawee! (I took a pic of myself, but it was too dark to see the fun of the thing.)

My very own grown, picked, washed, peeled, and crushed tomatoes...

Cooking is rather a beautiful thing, is it not?

I think so...

Jillian says to eat your A.L.L.I.U.M.S = onions, leeks, chives, shallots, scallions. They detoxify the bod!

(Just a side note... If you haven't seen Calamity Jane with Doris Day, rent it from Netflix and be prepared to be thoroughly entertained!)

Magnifico!!! muuuhwaaaaa...
(Superman loves to grow veggies, not eat them. So, to keep him from flying to that local McDonald's, the other pot you see over to the right, has his chili verde! ole...everyone's happy, happy!)

Want a taste of the sauce (pre tomato paste, cheese, etc., added)?


Cooking can be fun!

In case you lost the real recipe from the last time I blogged about it, go HERE. and here are my revisions....  :)  Buon appetito!

oh, lol, look what i just found. lol.... hope it helps you! 

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