Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Sunday!

With a slightly sore throat and a bit of a head cold,
I am for sure going to thank God for this day of rest! 

Superman came into our bedroom this morning and placed my cup of coffee on the nightstand (one of my most fav things he does for me), then said, 
"You've slept nine hours! That's enough for anyone; get up!"

I don't remember setting that particular alarm clock! 

Anyhoo, before I show you some pictures, a friend mentioned to me that I make Superman seem like he possess some mighty perfect powers. 
Well... lemme tell ya ---

There are times I want to step on his cape and make him trip (I know, not nice).
Maybe get a firm grip on his cape, begin whirling around and around in a circle till I could let go and send him off for a quick flight amongst the stars (a mini vacation lol).

Still, there's no one on earth for me but him.

In this day of giving up, walking out, and seeking our own wishes and desires and happinesses, choose to stay and obey the Word of God, rely on the Holy Spirit's power, the nearness of Jesus, and the unconditional, never-going-nowhere-away-from-us love of God.

.He is faithful.

Now, onto less important, but fun, matters....

I buy Pillsbury's boxed crusts. I would love to make my own, but not one - EVER - has turned out (except for the apple crostini one; have I ever shared that Barefoot Contessa recipe? yum... in the fall i will).

This one below I cooked on the barbie and DID NOT POKE HOLES IN.
And look -- it didn't shrink ten sizes!!!  :)

And you just knew I had to show you more summer treaures. 
I must!
They are little gifts from God's hand, every single day!
Thank You, Lord!

This is what I do with these beauties...
  1.  Take a slice off the tomato I am going to use, and then placing my nose ever so close to the edge, I inhale deeply of the kisses of sunshine. A summer tomato's perfume is happiness! Don't eat one without the experience of inhaling! (Uh, through nose, not mouth.)
  2. Slice thin, pop a few raw ones in my mouth, sprinkle with Meyer Lemon extra virgin olive oil, turn a lot of grinds of lemon pepper all around (the veggies, not the counter!), then grill till slightly browned and tender. Mmmmmm-m-mmm!
  3. That frying pan has holes in it so that nothing, like fish, can escape into the barbie's fiery depths. I learned about it from my girlfriend, and now.. you heard it from moi. My pan came from Walmart or Linen's n Things, but I found it here, too. Happy Sunday!

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