Friday, July 30, 2010

Building Blocks...

After a two-month hiatus, and the deadline merely two short days away, the push is on to get this month's Schnibbles done!

But I'm sooooo tired. 

And lazy.

Not anything like the day before yesterday's surplus of energy (why can't everyday be like that? Ummm.... what you eat plays into these surges or zaps. I ate a lot of very bad food this morning, and now I am paying for it with lethargy. You wanna hear the absurd reason I ate very bad food this morning? Because I've been eating very good food for a very long time and the scale refuses to prove it! Isn't that a silly reason to eat junk? Ever do this?? ).

Anyhoo, I'm going to grab a glass of water, then head into that sewing room with a mad purpose, even if I have to lay my lethargic brain on the sewing table every now and then.

wish me LUCK

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