Friday, November 20, 2009

Pillow Talk

Easy & Fast Christmas Pillow -- Great for Gifts! 

 Even before the economy went barreling over Niagra, I have always given at least one homemade Christmas gift. I just have to get my creative cravings slaked somehow, and making a Christmas gift, here or there, was the perfect solution! Don't you agree?

This pillow was made last year for my girlfriend, Susan. She let me borrow it for the picture! Thanks, Susan!!! It was fun to see it sitting up on her mantle all December. 

Anyhoo, it's really easy and sews up very quickly! You can embroider the words while you watch your favorite Christmas movie.... Like, White Christmas (I watch this every year), Home Alone, Prancer, Christmas in Connecticut, Fred Claus, The Santa Clause, The Polar Express, the Holiday, The Christmas Story, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Charlie Brown Christmas, Magoo's Christmas... Oh! I watch them all!!!  What Christmas movie is your favorite to watch every December????

Now, back to our featured pillow (I kinda got sidetracked with movies... I sure do like them all!).

Instructions for one pillow:

· Choose three coordinating Christmas fabrics.
· Cut back fabric 7.5”W x 13.5”L, front top fabric 7.5”W x 5”L, front bottom  fabric 7.5”W x 8.5”L, and bow fabric 2.75”W x 33.5”L.
· Sew top and bottom front fabrics together. (All seams are 1/4”.)
· Using a washable pen, write your words on the top fabric. You can trace words from a computer, that’s what I do. (I put the paper on the wrong side of the fabric and prop it against the window, so the sun's light makes it easy to see.)


· Embroider the words. I use two strands of floss.
· With wrong sides together, sew front and back fabrics together, leaving a 4” opening. Pull right side out; press.
· Fill with stuffing to desired plumpness. Stitch opening closed.
· Place bow fabric with wrong sides together. Cut off each end at a diagonal.
· Sew all around the edges, leaving a 3” opening in the center.
· Pull right sides out; press. Stitch opening closed.
· Tie bow around the pillow.
· Beautiful!

    · Choose three coordinating Christmas fabrics.


Natalie said...

Oh Auntie! I love it! You are sew (lol) creative! I wish I knew how to sew!! I decorate for christmas with blues and silvers (looks a little jewish, but I think its pretty)and this would be a super cute way to decorate Christmassy for me! Thanks for the ideas!! :)

Needled Mom said...

Very nice. It would look so pretty for the upcoming holidays.

Sandra said...

Thanks for the instructions! It looks like a great gift.