Monday, November 23, 2009

Light It Up!

Merry ol' Martha is at it again! Not only does she come up with brilliant ideas - but she shares them with all the world! Homes are aglow with her creativity; I love it!

Right after Thanksgiving, I am thinking of trying my hand at these candles. These are delightfully simple to make (though they don't look it), and all that is needed is a bit of glue and glitter -- We'll get to pretend we are kids, but have something very grown up to show off!

If you want to make these, too, go here

My day is turning out scrumptious! Shannon didn't get to make it down for our fun day (wah!), so that left me with plenty of unexpected 'free' time. My plan is to find some cozy Thanksgiving table decoration ideas... and then... set up my tables for Thursday's crowd. 

Hmmmm.... Either of these look pretty easy. And whatta way to uses God's bounty! Maybe, I could carve out bright red apples and place votives in them?

I am really looking forward to all the baking, cooking, preparing, and golfing with Superman (since he's taken the week off, beginning tomorrow). Hooray!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Mine is laughing with all the fam and friends who have it as their tradition to come to our home and feast with us. Sooo much fun!

Happy pre-pre-pre Thanksgiving!


Sandra said...

The candles look beautiful. Enjoy all your preparations. Sounds like fun.

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful candle ideas.

Farm Girl said...

I know you are going to think I am weirdo, but I was thinking I have a million jack-be-little pumpkins that I grew this year and I won't be using them to make anything with and they are just perfect if you wanted to use them for your table. I live pretty close to you if you wanted to come and get them. Just so you don't think I a nutjob, my name is Kim Hollar and I gave you the tape of Darlene Diebler Rose when you spoke at OKNaz, Oh and I am friends with Laurie Baker. Oh and Susan too.
So I read you post and if I haven't freaked you out to bad, you are more than welcome to have them. :)

an encourager said...

Hi Farm Girl! I'm taking you up on your wonderfully generous offer, and wrote you on your blog. Thanks!!!

Farm Girl said...

Hi I must not have got it yet so lets do this the easy way, here is my phone number, 587-2314 :) I am going to be home all day cleaning.

Farm Girl said...

I just wanted you to know how much just your little visit encouraged me.
Also because God hears our tiniest prayers. Thank you so much for the vanilla. My kids were so impressed. :)
Have a great Thanksgiving and for taking the time to stop by. It was so sweet.