Friday, March 27, 2009

SPRING - Inside Out!

Tomorrow I will tell you about my fantastic beach trip, including all the photos and lessons. But today, I want to just take a moment and relish springtime's invigorating ways!

So, this is springtime inside... camelias and lemon blossoms from my yard.
This is springtime, out... in part of my little, neglected side yard.
If you haven't done so yet, sloooooooow downnnnnnnnn... Stop. Close your eyes. Inhale deeply. Smell the blossoms? Listen. Hear the lawnmowers, the twitter of birds? Feel the breeze upon your face? Stand in the sunshine for just a minute and let it melt away the last of winter's chill. Perk up - like SPRING!

LeT aLL WhO hAVe BrEaTH prAise THE LorD!

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Lift Up Your Hearts said...

Cute things, beautiful flowers, and how blessed we are with this gorgeous spring weather!!