Saturday, March 14, 2009

Economical Fun!

When times are tough, the tough get smarter!

One of our local Von's grocery stores was having a re-opening (I didn't even know they were closed!). So, my mailbox was flooded with coupons, ads, and a 10% off Von's card.

My BFF, Susan, and I armed ourselves with our lists, circled items from ads, and coupons aplenty. Oh, and, of course, our lattes!

In we marched, women on a mission to save, save, SAVE! And we did.

She saved $109 and I saved $68! Believe me, that was the best stimulus plan ever!!! We are going back this afternoon!

The top right picture displays the wonders of what $24 dollars got me. Yep, all that for only two tens,a few ones, and a little planning and coupon clipping. Hoooray!!! Obama should learn from us!

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