Monday, March 16, 2009

Hard or Soft Hearted?

Ok, here's how it went down. Already once today I blogged about making homemade liquid detergent (see below). It took me forever, since I am just beginning to learn how to do the text with pictures. I thought one blog per day was PLENTY. However, lessons must be taught and pictures must be appreciated - by you, my reader. So.....

While deciding what to fix for dinner tonight, I had a thought: Mike works so very, very hard, why don't I surprise him with his favorite potato salad? I thought it was such a grand idea-of-love that I went to the pantry, reached down and lugged up that 10-pound bag of taters, and got busy.

The peeled potatoes were all chopped to the perfect size for a fork-sized bite, and I was just carefully adding the eggs, when I began to wonder if I should blog about the lesson I once got on boiling potatoes and eggs. Hmmmm..... should I? shouldn't I? While I was contemplating, the phone's brrrriinnnnnnngggggg snatched me from my mini dilema.

It was my friend that I just love, Lish (don't worry, I love you, too!). When I told her what I was doing - placing the eggs in with the potatoes - she said, "Really? I've never heard of that."
See, in my deliberating, I had wondered if everyone knew about mating that couple in the pot, or not. That settled it - right then and there I knew there was a cooking trick & a neat lesson to be learned!

The trick is so simple it is a treat-of-a-time-saver! All you do it boil the potatoes and eggs together! Only one pot to clean, not two! Yay!!! (Hey, don't roll your eyes! It saves time!)

(I was so busy typing this blog that I forgot them and almost let them boil to a mush!!!! But, thankfully, they were rescued just in time. See all the lovely steam? They had a hot time in that pot!)

And now, the lesson.

What happens in that pot is very strange. The eggs harden; the potatoes soften. When you are in a hot, fiery trial, and your patience is in a rolling boil, does your heart become hardened or softened? We know that everything that comes into our life has first passed through the loving hands of God. If it's in our life, He has already nodded approval, for whatever reason. Job passed the test, Abraham passed the test, Jesus passed the test (think of the Garden of Gethsemane and sweating blood), and you will pass the test - if you let the hot-pots of trials soften your heart to the things of God. Some people harden themselves against God and His sure word when the heat of a trial lasts too long. They get all steamed up at God, and many walk away in rebellion, before He can ever produce a delish potato salad out of that boiling trauma.

So, the question is: In your current boiling circumstance, will you be an egg or a potato?

After you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish you. To Him be dominion forever and ever. Amen. 1 Pete 5:10-11.

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Lift Up Your Hearts said...

How sweet is this? A darling practical lesson plus truth from God's word. Love it!