Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Alive!!

Really, you should say the title of this entry - It's Alive!! - as Mel Brookes said it in the corny and great movie Frankenstein, when the monster came alive. It's not that I'm talking about monsters, but the very Word of God that is able to take our monstrous sins and failings and weaknesses and needs, and turn them into steps of hope, change, help, and visions of who our God is.

So, first things first - go get your favorite cuppa. At this moment, mine is this -----

One of my outta-town girlfriends sent this to me in the most dahlingest ever Valentine's package. Hearts and pink were everywhere - cuz, duh, love was being sent! Anyhoo, I had never heard of this herbal, caffeine free treat, but it is yum, and needs no sweetening up! Try it!

The reason I tell you to grab your hot beverage first (oh, don't argue; it can be a cold one, too) is because my BFF of almost 28 years taught me to have my quiet times with the Lord in her spacious living room, and we ALWAYS had our coffee!!! For me, having my cuppa with Jesus is like having sunscreen by the pool - a must!

Now, we all know that life is busy. Crazy. Frantic. Overwhelming. What are we to do when this happens? God's Word tells us (Ps. 61:2) that "when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I." So, to the Rock!!! (Of course, I say this, but yesterday, when I wanted to cry at being so unable to accomplish all the day's demands, I complained to a friend... who thankfully led me to the Rock! Yay! All is well with my soul....ahhh!)

But, really, all is not well with my soul. Nope. Because I am distracted easily, I often neglect sitting with the Lord. Gone are the days when I wake up, get my coffee, and crawl right back into my bed for hours (yep, I said 'hours') with the Lord.

How did this happen? Well, my to-do & want-to-do list grows like a mustard seed plant! I try to cease striving and be still, but it is almost impossible. Even my magazines are still sitting upright in my overflowing racks, waiting to be read. I can't sit still for them, either.

What is to be done? It's time to tell myself "NO!" Jesus told Martha MARTHA that the good part that Mary had chosen would not be taken away from her. Mary refused to get up and help Martha, longing to just sit with her Lord. No distraction was going to rob that yearning one of her heart's delight. It's time to say "NO!" to stuff and "YES!" to Jesus.

Back in the day when I was a Bible study leader and was able and desiring to sit still with God's Word for all those morning hours, I would tell the gals in my group (who were as I am now - wiggly in life), "Ask God to give you a love for His Word. He will!" I still believe it to be true! I think that up till today, my flesh was not willing to ask that because I wanted to do what I wanted to do -- sew, play, write, clean, etc. (And this is more public confession than I like to make before 11am!)

Anyhoo, one thing is needful - that we sit at His feet and pour out our love. And in return, we will be filled. Overflowing. Joyous. Happy. Hopeful. Strengthened. Revived! In love with Jesus!

People will see the new vibrant you and exclaim, "It's alive!!" (Meaning: you and God's Word which changed you!)

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Natalie said...

I love all of your posts!! :) Thank you for sharing...and I loooove your fave cuppa at the moment! Its super cute! :)