Sunday, March 15, 2009

Love That Laundry Soap!!!

Have you ever heard of Ed Begley, Jr? He is a movie star gone green. And when I say green, I mean that He has a TV show called Living With Ed, that teaches all us un-greens how to live environmentally correct. His wife costars and they are quite a normal and funny couple, with some things that are really helpful. I'm thinking of sending them this blog!

Anyhoo, I found a recipe for homemade liquid laundry soap on a darling blog called Little Birdie Secrets, and knew I had to try it - and record it as I was doing so with my Christmas-present camera!

So, here we go! I condensed all the pictures and directions onto one cute page (right) for you guys, in case you wanted to copy and paste and print it up for easy use in your kitchen. For the longer and more fun version, keep reading!

First, three simple & inexpensive ingredients are needed; four, if you count plain ol' tap water. You can see them in the picture to your left. Don't confuse the washing soda for baking soda. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME, AND CANNOT BE EXCHANGED FOR ONE ANOTHER!

* 1/2 cup borax
* 1/2 cup washing soda
* 1/2 bar Fels-naptha soap (This soap has been around since 1893. That's a long time to prove your worth! It is a lovely, soft orange; it makes me happy. The texture reminds me of a crayon - dandelion.)

All three of these products were available & cheap at Winco. Von's only carried one of them, and it was $1.50 more. ( Sorry, Von's... lower your prices & stock your shelves!)

Oh, you also will need a large bucket & empty & clean containers. I used cola bottles, Mona-Vie bottles, Gatorade bottles, Clorox bottles, and my favorite glass one - an old Tequilla bottle.

(These are filled with the fruit of my detergent-making labor!)

What you do now is grate the half bar of soap into a big pot with 3 cups water. Heat until the soap is melted; it doesn't take long. (In fact, start-to-finish, this whole endeavor takes @ 30 min, and that includes clean up.) Now, add your measured Borax and Soda (no! not baking soda. lol). Ta-Da!!!

Pour 8 cups water into a large bucket or pot.( I used a rinsed-out 5-gallon bucket that our pool's chlorine tabs came in.) To this, add the liquid detergent. STIR like crazy. Pour in an additional 28 cups water. Stir. It's ready!

Now all you do it grab your funnel and pour this beautiful lemony-colored liquid into your containers. It does get foamy as you pour, so you might set aside some as you pour into others, and let that foam settle down a bit, then fill it full. Let this set for a day, to get thick. When ready to use, shake really well, and pour 1/2 cup into your regular-sized load.

This batch should make 2.5 gallons of liquid laundry detergent, which equals out to @16o loads of laundry! All that for the cost of about $2! Can't beat that!

Oh, and what great gifts this would make for brides...
...your kid's first apartment...
...a friend in need... HAVE FUN!

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