Saturday, November 26, 2005


Cukooooo! In that last entry, I mentioned nothing about the title. The truth I was going to tell you about is this: Mike pulled down all our boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations, and he could not help his annual comment - YOU HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!! I instantly assured him that I was planning on giving some of it to a friend. His immediate response, said with such a note of plea in it that I could only laugh, pass it on, and comply. He said, "NO!!! if you give it away, you'll feel the need to replace it. Please, keep what you have.!!!" I am still laughing, cuz he knows me well!!!

Do you wanna hear a shocker? Amy heard that mike was cleaning, thought that was so mind-boggling, that she shook her head, figured she was awake and not still dreaming, and came into the kithen, filled up a bucket with water and Murphy's oil soap, and did all the cupboards in the house! Oh my goodness!!!! She told me later that if dad, dad!, was going to help, she wanted to, too. So, how do you like those apples??? Seeing as how it was a family affair, i called tim home and included him in the fun, allowing him to clean the screens. hoooooorya! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!!!!!


Jimmy Smith said...

hooray for uncle mike cleaning! I would have to pinch myself too!! :)

Emily said...

How fun, a family Christmas-preparations day! Merry Christmas!!