Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Every year, magazine articles are filled with steps to easier holidays. I've never followed them... which I now see was not very wise! How did I come to this conclusion? Well, this year, Thanksgiving was rolling in so fast that it caught me unaware - and unprepared!!

So, on Sunday I grabbed my rarely-used schedule book (I had BIG visions of discipline and order when I bought it) and broke up into little steps all I'd need to do to be ready for Thanksgiving Day. And guess what? All those steps have led me to the top of the accomplishment ladder. I am shocked! And happy!

I think I will do the same for Christmas. It just might make it calm and bright and holly-jolly!!
But that's all I'll say about Christmas, because Thanksgiving is to be celebrated with gusto, tomorrow.

I just made my own fun coffee and read Psalm 117. There's lots in those two verses to make you thankful to God. For my coffee, I heated half cup light eggnog, then poured some brewed caramel truffle coffee in it. Let me tell you - this is something else to be thankful for - I love my coffee!

Just think..... if I would keep to a schedule, there'd be more time to spend with the Word, while sipping yummy coffee!

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Emily said...

I'm so happy for you, Liz! It will be wonderful to enjoy your holiday peacefully!