Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Funny Truth

Thanksgiving Day was a success.... It's over, but giving thanks continues in my heart. There's just so many things to be thankful for! And now, I'm focused on a gift wrapped in swaddling clothes. How thankful I am that God loved me (and YOU!) enough to hand-wrap this gift of Love!

This morning I was reading a psalm, and it mentioned that David's line would go on forever, as the moon - "the faithful witness in the sky." I liked that. A beaming witness that our God is there.....always and ever and beyond!

So, Thanksgiving is behind us and the Christmas celebration ahead of us. Joy to the world!! The cleaning bug attacked me this morning (haven't seen that bug in a very long time!), and I am getting the home sparkling for the holidays. It's been really fun. Surprising, isn't it? I rarely want to do it (clean, that is), but once I start, it's actually enjoyable. With my toothbrush in hand, I was getting seven years of dust off my baseboards, when in came Mike, saying, "Why don't you leave those kinds of chores for me?" I fainted! Do you know why he offered such a miraculous thing? Because he is anxious for our decorations to go up! He wanted me to put them up yesterday. Holidays are important traditions. So, bless your family and get to work!

Oh, be sure to start with prayer. Give this celebration, including all the work and preparation, as well as the joyous things, to the Lord. Remember, we unwrapped that gift the day we believed - let's not let Him just sit on the shelf!

Thanksgiving Day is over, but continue with thanks as you deck the halls! Falalalallalala!

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