Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Merry Ride

If it happened in the middle of summer, it would be no big deal. After all, I love to roll the windows down and let my short locks blow in the breeze. Fresh air invigorates! But, when it's the end of November and the temperatures have dropped below my comfy level, having a window stick in the down position is not very convenient or cozy.

So, I emptied my car, lowered the seats to flat position, and stuffed in my darling bicycle, complete with a cute red and black polka dot bag that carried my muffler, Christmas CDs and CD player, my purse, my garage door opener, money, a package to be mailed, and my woolen hat. I was set to drop off the car and ride the 11.5 miles back across town to home sweet home.

The weather was chilly but not freezing. I mean, no icicles formed on my sweat! I listened to Garth Brooks Christmas CD and Ray Conniff's - both are full of jolly, happy tunes. It was a very merry ride, and I am now invigorated to carry on with chores. Happy Day to you!

1 comment:

Jimmy Smith said...

auntie, thats a lot of miles back home!! Brrr...I am glad that you didn't freeze to death and that you made it home safely!! :)