Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This Thing Is From Me!

You don't have to tell me what you are going through right now, but God is telling you something:

This thing is from Me! (1Kings 12:24)

No matter what it is, how it hurts, that you dislike it worse than ever, or that you want to turn your back and run away, Jehovah says:

I am in control!... of your life, world, comings and goings, AND STAYINGS!

Sometimes staying is harder than going, ever notice that?

Anyhoo, God has a plan for you. He has not forgotten you. No, He has not. It just feels like it, maybe.

Trust and doubt not.

Amen.  xo

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Amen, yes God is always in control, we may get in his way at times, but ultimately he is in control of our life.
Have a blessed day, Barbara