Thursday, June 02, 2011

Lizzerita Pizza!

PIZZA and me have been BOBs (Best Of Buddies) for a very long time. Well, ever since Gerber smooshed it and poured it into their baby-sized jars. I think it was called Pizza-ette. Did your mom feed that to you while you were sitting in your high chair, banging your miniature fork on the hard plastic tray?

Okay, maybe I made all that up. BUT... I hope they fired the creator of Gerber flavors for not thinking inside the (pizza) box!

Anyhoo, this was my lunch an hour ago. Every day I tromp out to the garden and pick those flavor-bursting leaves. If you love basil, too, it's easy to grow - in pot or plot (mine's the latter). If you snip off the tops of the stems when they begin to flower, that mighty plant will stand its ground till Father Frost turns it into a barren icicle.

So, because I went beach frolicking instead of grocery shopping, the fridge was quite forlorn. Well, except for the stuff that is soon to be treats for my trash can.

There was an almost dead white flour tortilla (do not be afraid of a white tortilla - the brown, healthier ones have more nutrients, but come on - get creative with what you have & then write your own cookbook; I want to!), and on my counter were those sweet little grape tomatoes that are fun to pop into your mouth, but were beginning to shrivel like they'd been lollygagging in a pool all day. Not good for popping, but great for sauté-ing.

Thus -- love of pizza + not many lunch options available = Lizzerita Pizza!!

Ta Da! (This takes @ 10 min to make.)

  1. Slice the tiny red darlings in half, lenthwise. 
  2. Pour 3/4 tsp of olive oil into a hot skillet (lots of times I will use my Le Creuset dish, though it's not a skillet. That enamel/iron baby is sooo much fun, 'cuz I feel like I'm in the kitchen with Julia (of the Child family). Loved that movie Julie & Julia!!! I think it's because of being a happy, hopeless romantic, and who would ever not wanna be that? It's so dang much fun! Anyhoo, I digress (A.D.D, remember?) Back to the tomatoes and hot skillet: Let the sliced tomatoes meet up in the hot oil, and stir them until they are playmates. Season with sea salt, garlic powder (smooshed garlics are best for you), and black pepper, or whatever seasonings make your tastebuds cheerful. I like my tomatoes slightly dry (won't eat soggy pizza, love it or not) and blackened. To me, that gives them a yummy tang, like those delish sun-dried tomatoes. Turn off heat when they're done. Hey, I had to say it. Do you know how many times I've had too many things going at once and almost burned the house down?
  3. In the meantime, in a different flat skillet, heat that tortilla so that both sides get slightly crispy, till they possess a lovely brownish hue. You'll know.
  4. Put tortilla on cookie sheet or pizza dish (I heat mine in over first; adds more crisp).
  5. Preheat broiler on high, keeping rack in middle.
  6. Measure 1/4 tsp of olive oil (yes, it's plenty) and spread it it all around the tortilla with a brush; this is just for flavor. Oh, and it's good for you, too!  Bonus!!!  :)
  7. Top with tomatoes.
  8. Wash and slice very thin some basil. Spread over the tomatoes.
  9. Take five Kalamata olives (black ones are yummy also) and dice the heck out of them. Sprinkle them over basil.
  10. On the smallest grater holes, get your Parmesan ready (you can use mozzarella or any other cheese, but I'll always choose Parm.) Spread it evenly over the pizza.
  11. Let it have a sauna in the oven till the cheese is bubbling with joy.
  12. While #11 is doing its thing, grab a fancy glass and fill it with your favorite Soda and some crushed ice.
  13. When pizza is done enough for you, or you just can't wait one more minute, pull it from the oven and slide onto your favorite plate.Slice it up, gobble away.  Serves 1, unless you are a very nice and are willing to share.

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