Saturday, June 11, 2011

King Kong and Other Big Thoughts!

This week I have been thinking a lot about King Kong. No, he's not the most handsome thing around, he is too big to be able to dance around the jungle with, and I can imagine that there is no toothbrush big enough for those ginormous teeth, which would mean... no kissing the big guy.

Still, here is why I think he'd make a great catch....

  1. His hands are huge - big enough to make any gal feel safe.
  2. He will go all around the world to get his gal!  :)
  3. He whisks said gal to remote getaway vacations. (Hey, Bill Gates must be related, because that's what he did when he got married!)
  4. If he can beat off airplanes with his own bare hands, then he could for sure send all my recent cravings to kingdom come...
I have rented a Fay Wray costume this week, and I've been waiting. Too bad he's smarter than he looks!

Oh, well, I'll have to beat any cravings by myself!  Or will I...?

Our God is bigger than any King of Kong! He holds the world, and me... and you, in His jumbo hands. He pursues us like no other, He wants us, He loves us with His humongous, never-ending, non-changing Love, He writes love notes that last through eternity and beyond (take that, my beloved Buzz Lightyear; actually, my love is Woody. Yep.), He thoroughly cares for us... for all of it; if it's on your mind, He cares - dare to believe it! We are loved with an everlasting love, and Jesus, the Creator of the universe, traveled from the best place ever to come get us. He will whisk us away to our "quiet" eternal home (see Isaiah 33:20) with Him for all of our days and more. 
King Kong, you are no match for Jehovah!  Amen!!!! 


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