Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hooooray!!! School's Out For Summer!

Which means, for me --- no library sub jobs till next fall! Hoooray!!! 

Let the blogging begin!!!!!! (I've missed you!!)

So... what are your summer plans????

Mine will be readying our backyard for next May's wedding! Front porch railings will have to be sanded and repainted, same with the backyard arbor and white picket pool fence. And then, there's the inside of the home painting, too. I have their wedding quilt to put together and sew, purple table toppers to cut and sew... and who knows what else! But I'm dreading none of it!

Our garden this year has acted like it's water is pure Miracle Gro (which we don't use) - our zucchini plants are so large that they are already - at the very beginning of summer - threatening to overshadow the bell peppers and basil!

I have probably given you this recipe before, but I've already had an abundance of crook neck and zukes to pick, so I've pulled it out again! We love it! Ours gets cooked out back on our BBQ (it has a thermometer), so that the heat stays outside where it belongs!  Click on the picture (maybe twice) and it will get big enough for you to read the recipe.   

Till next time!!!

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