Friday, June 18, 2010

Good Morning To You!!!

Though this neck of the woods gets delightfully sizzling in summer months, it's not today. It's more like beach weather, not too warm, not too cold, just right... like Goldilocks' porridge (uh, or should I say, Baby Bear's porridge??? Yep, let her who steals, steal no more! Bad Goldilocks!)

Anyhoo, having just returned from a week at the yummy coast, it was nice to return home and not be scalded to death by heat!

Besides all the normal stuff to do after a trip, I am going to do something fun TODAY. 


A. Begin posting on my other blog that has remained empty ever since I thought it up. All I will tell you about it is that it will be helpful in the exercise and diet department of our lives. Or.... I think that's the direction it will take. You never know with me! LOL  I'm just hoping I really do have the time and gumption to begin it...

I'll let you know!

Have a fun day!

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