Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Gonna Be Great!!!


In order for something to be clean & organized & full of useful & functional purpose again, it has to be emptied and then filled back up... minus a lot of stuff that were fighting all of that. (Like, what I am doing in my computer room this very minute, well, back-to in the next minute, I mean.)

It will be worth it!

I can't help but think of how the Lord does this in our lives. 

We become cluttered with too much stuff that doesn't need to be in there, so the Lord empties us out, and then puts back in only that which will be for His best purposes and our functional good. pliable and let Him to His cleaning. The precious must be extracted from the worthless (read Jeremiah 15:19.)

It will be worth it!



Smilie girl said...

Hope the clean out went well!
A good clean out (with our things and in us) does us all good. Might have to get on to that...
Have a great summer break.

Mummy McTavish said...

I think so often I resist the clean out and it only makes it hurt. Why do I want to keep junk anyway?

And that goes for my heart and my house.