Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Once again....

It has been since Mother's Day that I've blogged! A travesty!! I tell ya!

Not only have I not written, I've not read any blogs either. Not good!

But, when work steps in, fun goes out!

I've been working at the library, substituting for my BFF while she is up, up, and away, waiting for her first granddaughters!!!! Sooon, pretty sooon!!!

So, it's gonna be sketchy till summer arrives and school is out. Then, I hope to be more consistent again!

Missing your comments!!!!


Smilie girl said...

All the best at work. How are the wedding plans coming along?

Pokey said...

I agree, looking for some down time myself! What you are doing is good, though, we'll all be here later, too, Lord willing!
*smiles* pokey

Natalie said...

looking forward to regular postings from you...but I like reading anything you have time to post! :)

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

It's ok, we'll wait for you! :-)

Amy :) said...

hehe you have a great excuse for non-posting. So, you shall be forgiven :)