Sunday, May 09, 2010


This note, 
that Superman made and taped onto the kitchen counter, 
says it all.......

I'm finding bargains and free samples...and even a freeeeeeeee pair of women's undies at Macy's.

So, go here for free undies...    Macy's
For a free sample kit, you get to choose 1 of 3 (and I've been told some include full-size products).. kraft
Also, on their kraft site they mention that if you buy $30 of Kraft food products between 5/23/10 - 6/13/10, you'll get a $10 check in the mail. Check the Kraft site for details. Go here for Oscar Mayer coupons.
Create a mom's day card here and get a free Denny's $2 Pancake Puppies Sundae, valid 5/9/10 - 5/16/10.

If I find more, I'll add them later. :)


Sandra said...

Hope you had a wonderful mother's day!

Natalie said...

I gave you two blog awards! Check out my blog. :)
love you!