Friday, July 10, 2009

Lose & Tone Update!

Back in May, I wrote my first Lose & Tone blog ( This second one is to update you on how that original plan is working for me - GREAT!

No dieting. No regimented gym-going. Instead, I decided to take a deep water interval class at this fun pool here in town. Usually, I drive by and enjoy looking at its sparkling waters, longing to frolic in one of their two huge pools, but this time, I took the plunge and just pulled right in and signed myself up! It was the best decision of my life!!!

Our class is in the deepest of water, so we buckle a thick blue belt around our waist, that keeps us afloat. We use dumbbells made for the pool, and those work our arms like crazy. Burn, baby, burn! Or rather, tone, baby, tone! Sometimes we get to "traveling". This means we use our legs and arms to push or pull us from one end of the long pool to the other. It works those muscles!

The women out there get to blab, my friend Celina joins me and we get to chat, and all the while we are toning and building muscles. It's great!

So, my mini goal for the summer was to lose 7 pounds each month (June, July, August). In June I made that goal. Then... fourth of July weekend showed up, with all its potato salad and homemade ice cream bursting forth like fireworks, and I gained back a lot of that. (So maddening how it takes a month to lose and one milli second to GAIN!!!) But, I am still plugging away, not letting it detour me from having fun this summer, while losing and toning.

By the way, scales are not everything. All that swimming and walking and riding to the mailbox are having a victory of their own, because I am losing inches - and am able to wear shorts and tops I have not worn for years!!!! Hooooray!

Inch-by-inch and we will be able to cinch in those belts! Keep at it! We still have two more summer months to have fun losing and toning!!! Good luck!

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