Friday, December 24, 2010

Soooo Good To Moi!!!!!!

Merriment galore arrived on my doorstep today! What a terrific treat to come home to. I had gone out for a lovely (and bootie-kickin') bike ride... and there it was  ---- Secret Santa blessed my socks off again this year (two years in a row.... i'm surprised and elated!!!! - I love surprises, dong' you?!!!!)

Whoever YOU are, my Secret Santa  ---- 
THANK YOU, AND I BET YOU ARE SOMEONE I LOVE!!!! I KNOW THAT YOU LOVE ME.... You are sooooooo good to me!!!
and I am very, merrry, merry GRATEFUL!!!!!!! The fabric is my all-time favorite - MODA (it has the yummiest feel and colors) - and it is called Giddy, and how apropos because it is soooo totally describing me right now!!!!  :) (can't wait to giddy-up and create with it! Okay, that was hokey, but enthusiasm knows no bounds).

LOOKY!!!!!  I am simply filled with GLEEEEEEEEEEE!

And everyone, all my wonderful and kind Bloggerinas  --- MERRY CHRISTMAS, and ho HO ho, and be sure to step under the mistletoe --- blissful things happen there!!!  :)

For unto YOU, this day, is born a Savior...
Thank You, Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pokey said...

Many Christmas Blessings! Aren't you the happy girl, I can't wait to see your fun project! :-}pokey