Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ray Conniff Singers Christmas Album (yeah, I said it) :)

Christmas is a lot about memories. Back in the day when I was growing up, they were especially fun. All of us cousins would run around the grandmas' and play our heads off to the likes of Dean Martin and the rest of the Rat Pak (yep, no spring chicken here- except mentally...annnnnd... I can still back dive into the pool with my young friend whom I force to "dive, dive". oh yeah baby). 

Anyhoo, I have bought this Ray Conniff Christmas CD a billion times (or two) and now... EBAY here I come. I lost my entire binder with my Christmas music. That makes me so dang sad. No wonder it doesn't seem like Christmas this year. No Amy Grant, Garth Brooks, Jewel, Vince Gill, or my ultimate fav -- the Ray Conniff Singers. This is probably because it reminds me of my mom, who died from cancer in 2001. It's like a tribute to her to listen to it (and anything Doris Day). Oh, though I did buy from Target cute little Taylor Swift's short-version Christmas album. I love her! It seems to me that she often sounds a bit of key, and I find it (with her only) totally endearing!

So.... thanks to YouTube, I can listen to at least one of the songs. If you listen to this video, be sure to listen to the end, because it's a medley and the best part is at the end....  :) And thanks to moi, you can listen to it, too!!!

Oh, man... and since I have many days to make up, I must tell you about Superman!!!! He is --- FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER IN MANY YEARS OF MARRIAGE --- giving me a gift each day for the last 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS!!! i KNOW!!!! --- EAT YOUR HEART OUT.

It's really quite darling, because he drove flew his cute little elf-self to the dollar store and chose 12 gifts for me, his not-so-new bride!!! I love it!!!! After all, it's the thought that counts, and I love all the thought it took to come up with this idea and hit the store with his busy, stressful life.

Oh, so, this wasn't on my mind till just now, but I must say... It took him 31 years of marriage. And it took me 31 years of endurance to finally get such a treat. Moral of the story ---- BE OF GOOD COURAGE AND WAIT ON THE LORD!! YES, DO WAIT ON THE LORD. (Liz version.)

Anyhoo, so, that is very fun and I am loving it!

Now, do you know what I am thankful for???? My youngest son - my baby - got hit by a car on his motorcycle and flipped up in the air like an acrobat. I spent over half the day in the hospital with him - AND HE IS A-OKAY!!! (If you are a relative or gal in my town reading this, do not utter a word to him, cuz he thinks I talk to much (can't figure that one out lol) and he is sick of having to tell the story again and again...). He went to work the next day, and thinks it was the lady's fault. I'm sooooooo thankful he is alive and well. Thank YOU, Jesus!

And then, my niece in Oregon said all the homes/apartments around her duplex have no roof, but hers is snugly glued still. Praise the Lord!!!!

So... I'm counting my blessings!

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