Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More and More Christmas Blessings....

My wonderful Bloggerinas (any Bloggerinos???)- you just have to read my list of blessings this month (please)....

  1. Still praising God our son Tim is alive after his motorcycle accident.
  2. My sorta son (a friend of my oldest who calls me 'mom') got stabbed, three times (one in lung), and almost died, but didn't. Three days in the hospital fixed him and his collapsed lung. (I could cry over and over again with such a thankful heart for 1 & 2 & 3.)
  3. My daughter found her wedding dress and had "that" moment of knowing it was the one. She beamed. Her matron of honor and we drove to Beverly Hills to find her gown. Oh my. She is beautiful, the dress is beautiful, and we had a blast!!! However, I prayed and prayed for just such a day for her (and us) and God was faithful, not letting her buy the "almost one". Yayayayayayya. Pray about everything! He cares!!! 
  4. This is trivial compared to things 1, 2, 3 but as I said - God cares for it all, big or small - and I prayed today for Him to help me find my favorite Christmas CDs. I told Him, "Lord, I know I bug you all day long with a myriad of things, but You are the One who knows it all and knows exactly where my CDs are. Three minutes later - they were found and popped into my CD player. He is good (yes, even in the yukky times).
  5. For surviving the dentist this morning. I almost had two panic attacks, but that assistant knew and patted my hand and talked me through it. Little did she know I had prayed the entire time. Whew, it's over. 
  6. And last - that though it is just a few days before Christmas, I get to bake and wrap gifts today - finally - with my fav Christmas music serenading me!  :)
Here is everyone's fav cookie of mine.....  Enjoy and Merry Christmas wishes.


    Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

    Praising God with you!

    Aliene said...

    Isn't the Lord good to give us so many blessings? He likes to surprise us with little things as much as he bigger things. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

    Smilie girl said...

    They are wonderful things to praise God for!
    So glad to hear your son and other son are ok.
    And Hooray! for the dress.

    Natalie said...

    I am glad Tim is okay also!
    I can't wait to see Amy's dress! I bet its gorgeous and she is going to look AMAZING in it!! :)